Home Screen

This is the home screen of BRT. From here you can go to the wire size calculator or the battery run time calculator.

Home Screen
BRT Example

In this example we've entered the total number of amp hours for all the strings of batteries the plant has added together and the desired run time of the plant.

BRT Result

This is the result from the BRT example. The max allowable amps for the entered run time is 135. If you entered the current load on the plant BRT would have returned the number of hours the plant would run with the 600 amp hours of batteries entered.

WSC Example

In this example we've selected DC/Single phase, tin coated copper, and 6 awg wire.

WSC Example

We've entered 30 feet, 100 amps and 48 volts being this example is based on a -48V dc plant.

Example Result

The result isn't acceptable. A 3 volt drop is too much so we need to tap the Selectors button on the top of the view and pick a bigger wire size.

WSC Example

We've selected 2 awg and then selected the green check mark to dismiss the selector view.

WSC Result 2

Press enter on the calculator and the new result displays. 1.206 volt drop is still a little high but might be acceptable depending on the specs of the job.